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Buy Northern Spirit Flutes & Tools **Prices in US Dollars**

Fully Assembled Northern Spirit Flute
(Original Contemporary Minor Pentatonic) 
$52.50 each
Northern Spirit Flutes 2010

Indigenous Mid A North American Style Northern Spirit Flute
(Old Tuning based on Kevin Locke's Grandfather's over 100 year old flute tuned in the A Major Diatonic Scale)

Indigenous Northern Spirit Flute 2016 

Indigenous High D North American Style Northern Spirit Flute
(Old Tuning based on Kevin Locke's Grandfather's over 100 year old flute tuned in the D Major Diatonic Scale) *GREAT FOR SMALL HANDS*
Indigenous Northern Spirit Flute D diatonic



 Northern Spirit Drone Flute - $125.00

Northern Spirit Dual Tuned Drone - $135.00
(with a single hole on the drone tube to give a 2nd note to harmonize with

 Spirit Drone Side View


One Handed Northern Spirit Flute - $495.00
Shipping Included to the U.S.
(Shipping cost to International Customers may be added) 
(Both left handed and right handed models available) 
OHNSF Peter Worrel1 
OHNSF Peter Worrel2 
OHNSF Video Closeup 
One Handed Northern Spirit Flute Models

 Unassembled Northern Spirit Flutes
(Available in both Original mid-A Minor Pentatonic, mid-A Major Diatonic and high-D Major Diatonic)
Qty. of 1 to 14 - $35.00 each & 15 to 24 - $25.00 each
NSF Parts with nest attached


  Flutes4Kids Unassembled Northern Spirit Flutes 25 or more
(Available in both Original mid-A Minor Pentatonic, mid-A Major Diatonic and high-D Major Diatonic)
$12.95 each
NSF Parts with tubing

Model of flute you would like to purchase

IC-Gel Glue (1 tube will do 30 flutes) - $9.00

Brad Point Drill Bits
Contemporary minor pentatonic 7/32", 1/4", & 9/32"
Indigenous minor pentatonic 13/64", 1/4", & 5/16"

Available for both the original contemporary tuned and Indigenous tuned Northern Spirit Flute

Brad Point Drill Bits

Sizes & Options


 Color Coded Drill Stops - Set of 3 - $11.00
(Colors match with the drilling sheets that come with the instructions)

Drill Stop with tape 

Hand Countersink Tool - $32.90 

 Hand Countersink Tool 

Set of Small Files - $10.00

Files for Web

 Set of 3 V-Jigs - $20.00


Precision Piece of Doweling - $5.00 
(Used to push plug in the perfect place for tone and tuning)

Precision Piece of Doweling

Push Piece of Doweling - $10.00
(Used to remove plug if put in incorrectly)

Push Piece of Doweling

 Purchase All One People CD - $20.00  

All One People

  Purchase SongKeepers 2010 DVD - $24.95 & $49.95 

Trapsheet Front  SongKeepers DVD Trapsheet Back 

Includes Original SongKeepers PLUS 8 Additional Teacher Edits Listed:

1. Kevin Locke Lakota Story of the Flute
2. Hawk LittleJohn Making a Cane Flute
3. What Flutes Are Made From
4. The Arts in First Nations Culture
5. The Origins of the Native American Flute
6. How the Native American Flute Survived
7. The Different Genres of Flute Songs
8. Improvising on the Native American Flute.

Types of Use
Pricing Explained:   
Home viewer - $24.95 each***Shipping Now Included*** 
Educational with granted performance rights version - $49.95 each plus *** Shipping Now Included*** 
Shipping: Your order will be shipped 1st Class mail within 48 hours of receipt. Shipping other than 1st Class mail can be arranged at the time of ordering. 
Performance rights defined:  
The purchase of "Granted performance rights" DVD's gives the right to present Songkeepers to the public in a non-theatrical program, without charge, outside the home to a gathering of peope other than family members and/or acquaintances. Such gatherings are found in locations such as schools, libraries, religious and civic insitutions. Granted performance rights does not include or imply the right to duplicate, recast,edit, abridge or transform the DVD by analog or digital means or any other fashion whatsoever without the express written consent of Americas Flutes Production.Granted performance rights does not include nor imply the right to transmit the DVD by analog or digital means by broadcast, open-cable, direct broadcast satelite, internet or other means nor to any off campus or distant learning site without the express written consent of Americas Flutes Production. 

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Wow! amazing flute!

I love the idea of plastic flutes. A flute I can enjoy anywhere anytime without worrying about having to baby it. I have been collecting various plastic Native american style flutes and I must comment that yours is so far superior! The tuning, dynamic range, stability of pitch, beauty and clarity of pitch are amazing. I have been totally spoiled by your Northern Spirit flute and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone as the ideal first flute and beyond as a keeper!


I am your loyal fan!

Sincerely, Liz Moore

Hello Rich,

Just wanted to confirm my order did arrive on the 18th and I've been playing it ever since. :) Thanks again for the premium product!


I'll be sure to recommend your services for anyone that's looking for a high quality and durable Native American Flute.

Thanks, Ian



"Hi there, I received my flute very quickly. I really commend you on the tone and simplicity of it. I am extremely happy with it and would recommend it to anyone. I will buy another from you whenever you make a different key. Also I am interested in trying out your drone flute sometime. Thanks so much!" - Joanne
Just received the flutes - Wow they play wonderfully!!!  I have several NAF flutes and have been playing for a long time.  Your flute plays with and sounds with the best them. What a wonderful gift you have created for everyone . . . FUZEN . . . blowing Zen. 

Thank you again and I am saving to by the kit I want to share the gift with my friends and fellow Tai Chi enthusiasts.  Great way to learn breath.

Walk in Beauty, - azchimp


Thank you for sending the flute out to me quickly.  The pitch is perfect and it's so easy to blow into.  Please email me whenever you have for sale additonal  ABS flutes in different keys.
Once again, thank you!
Be well,  - Joanne Degnan :)
"Your project flutes-for-kids rocks!" - Marina Nadir  


The flute that you so generously gave to me has been given to a very deserving at-risk teenager from a local native tribe.  I was doing an artist in residence program and this young man picked up the flute that I had been bringing with me and began to make incredible music with it.  This kid had been in a reserved shell for the entire program until he picked up that flute.  By the time he was done, another at risk teen had joined him in a duet with her singing.  Tears and joy were in full abundance.

It was immediately clear after that young man picked it up that that flute was now his.  

I just wanted to let you know that it found a deserving and permanent home.

Frank Thompson, Founder
AZ Rhythm Connection 
"I had the honor of getting a phone call, one day, from Rich Dubé of Northern Spirit Flutes. He asked me if I would help him with designing flutes, he was working on, that are made entirely from U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved ABS plastic and explained to me that it was for children, so that they would be able to learn how to make and play these wonderful instruments at a very affordable price. I could tell in his voice that Rich was extremely sincere and committed to this project. Having children learn about this instrument is very important to me as well, so I told him to ask away with any questions he may have had and I would be happy to help him however I could. Rich called me several times and sent me several design ideas via E-mail to look at and discuss. He purchased a flute from me so that he could visually see how I made my wood flutes. Rich got as close as possible (molds permitting), making a very doable design. These flutes play very well and are fantastic for children to learn on. I tip my hat to Richard for staying so dedicated and for spending hours and hours of his time and using his own money to finance this project for the kids.
Rich, you are a good man with a good spirit....."
In Spirit,
Spirit of the Woods Flutes